Frequently Asked Questions

The SLV materials

What is the Bimek SLV made of?

The Bimek SLV is made primarily of a synthetic implant material called PEEK Optima. This material has always shown excellent compatibility properties, bridging a gap between the technological and biological, and has been successfully used in implant surgeries for years. The remaining components, such as screws and springs, are made of a non-magnetic metal alloy.

Are there any health risks linked to the materials used?

These materials have been successfully used in implants for years and do not cause any adverse effects in the body. They do not release any substances and also have no effect on the sperm cells or genetic material.

How big is the Bimek SLV?

The SLV is measured at 7 x 11 x 18 millimetres and weighs only 2 grams.

Will the switch mechanism wear out over time?

The synthetic implant material can withstand high amounts of stress and is even used for the non-friction layer in artificial knee joints. The SLV would only need to be opened and closed once for each planned pregnancy and because this isn’t frequent it is even more unlikely to deteriorate. In addition, the SLV is not comprised of elastic materials, like silicon, that may wear out.

Can the tubes in the Bimek SLV become clogged?

To this date there are no instances in which a blockage has occurred. By way of precaution the SLV was constructed so that all relevant tubes could be cleaned with a minimally invasive, outpatient surgery, without having to remove the valve.

Is it safe to get an x-ray exam, CT or MRT with an implanted Bimek SLV?

The SLV is made of medical implant materials that will not cause any interference during these scans. The small metal components in the SLV are only visible in high resolution pictures.

Will there be any animal testing during the Bimek SLV's clinical trials?

No. On ethical grounds the valve’s developer refuses to allow any animal testing. For testing purposes, the inventor implanted two valves in himself as a medical self-experiment. The experience and knowledge gained from this led to the decision to further develop the SLV. The inventor then implanted the present optimised version. He now lives his life with the implanted valves, symptom-free.

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