Frequently Asked Questions

The SLV costs

What costs will I have while I'm using the Bimek SLV?

After the surgery there are no extra costs. About three months after the valves have been closed, you should however undergo a spermiogram to medically confirm your sterility. This costs about 100 €.

How much does the surgery and Bimek SLV cost?

At present the calculated costs for both spermatic duct valves as well as the surgery is 5 000 €. There are no additional costs after the valves are implanted – for you or your partner.

Will my insurance cover the costs?

No, your medical insurance will not cover the costs for the surgery or the SLVs.

Could I get only one Bimek SLV implant instead of two, to save costs?

Contraception is only guaranteed when both spermatic ducts each have a valve implanted. Otherwise you would have to be sure, beforehand, which of your two testicles are stronger and that their function wouldn’t just be taken over by the other. Most important organs in the human body exist in pairs, so that if one fails the other is available to take over the function alone.

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