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What exactly is the Bimek SLV?

The Bimek SLV is a small valve fitted to the spermatic duct that can regulate the release of sperm cells. When the valve is closed the SLV’s principle function is to obstruct the release of sperm cells during ejaculation. The result of this function is that the seminal fluid released is sterile. With the SLV you are able to regulate when you can procreate. After the valve is inserted, and after the waiting period, you will only be fertile when the valve is opened again.

How do I open and close the valve?

The valve is a connector that is implanted in the spermatic ducts with a rocker switch that can be toggled on and off. The valve switch can be felt and easily controlled with your fingers through the scrotum skin. The switch direction is simple to remember; to open the valve push the switch down toward your abdomen, from where the sperm cells would normally flow. This will push the part of the switch closer to your abdomen into the valve body. In addition to this you will also need to press the safety pin on the underside of the valve simultaneously.

To close the valve, simply press the switch down toward the testes, so that the part of the switch directed at the testes will be pushed down into the valve body. When closing the valve you do not need to press the safety pin. It would be sensible to keep both valve switches in the same position.

Will the SLV influence my ability to have an erection?

This is something you do not need to worry about. In fact, knowing that the contraception is always taken care of may make it easier to engage in sexual activities, for you and your partner.

Will I ejaculate normally with the Bimek SLV?

Yes. Ultimately, the results you experience with the fully functioning SLV will be identical to that of a vasectomy. No adverse effects have been found. Because of the absent sperm cells, the total volume of ejaculatory fluids will be about 5 % less. All other characteristics will remain the same. You will not be able to see any difference without using a microscope.

Will I still orgasm normally?

Yes, you will be able to achieve orgasm just as before the SLV was implanted.

Do I still need to use a condom?

The SLV does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and infections, it is designed to only prevent unwanted pregnancies. For protection against STDs and STIs it is still absolutely necessary to use a condom.

Can I control the Bimek SLV switch at any time by myself?

Yes. The easiest time to do this is when the scrotum is soft and loose, for example, during or immediately after taking a warm bath.

What happens if I can't feel or flip the switch?

Make sure that the scrotum is soft and loose. If you have further problems, ask a urologist or someone you trust to assist you.

Who is legally liable, if my partner falls pregnant anyway?

As with existing contraceptives, accountability can only extend to the product itself. If a woman forgets to take her contraceptive pill and falls pregnant, she cannot hold the pharmaceutical company liable. If a condom is not tight enough because of improper application, one cannot hold the condom manufacturer accountable. Similarly, users of the Bimek SLV cannot hold the manufacturer accountable, because of undermining the valve’s intended effect through misuse or because of not properly checking the desired sterility via a spermiogram.

Can a semen blockage occur while the valve is closed?

No. The valve is constructed in such a way that when it is closed the sperm can pass out to the side of the spermatic duct. This ensures that no backed-up fluids could build pressure that would, otherwise with a normal vasectomy, damage the tiny structures inside the epididymis over time.

What happens to the sperm cells that leak laterally from the Bimek SLV?

The sperm cells that escape from the valve are recognised as foreign bodies by the immune system and are formed into a sperm granuloma, these are however broken down by the body. You won’t notice this process at all.

Can the Bimek SLV detach from the spermatic duct?

Detaching or attaching the SLV to the spermatic ducts is only possible via a surgical procedure using specialised tools. The strong, muscular spermatic ducts are fixed with multiple micro-needles, which solidly anchor the SLV.

This kind of implant is quite passive, because, other than the transection of the spermatic duct, no other connections or treatments are required for it to remain fully functional.

Could the Bimek SLV accidentally open on its own?

The SLV is manufactured with a security measure that makes it impossible for it to be accidentally opened.

If I’m involved in an accident, can the valve cause further serious injury?

The SLV is able to move as freely as the testicles in the scrotum and so can more or less evade harsh impact. The valve casing’s edges are rounded in order to avoid damaging the surrounding tissue.

Will I feel the Bimek SLV throughout the day or while performing any physical activities?

Because the SLV is made of a light, tried and tested implant material, in most cases the wear comfort is higher than having a metal body piercing, even more so as the SLV is implanted completely under the skin. Each SLV is also able to move around, as the testicles are able to move within the scrotum, and can twist and rotate with minimal resistance. You basically feel nothing.

Do I need to monitor anything before, during or after sex?

No. With the functionality of this product, there’s no need for you to worry about contraception, instead you can enjoy and focus on your partner with peace of mind.

What do I need to do to keep the SLV working?

Nothing. The SLV’s concept is designed with no scheduled valve maintenance, because it is not necessary. So long as you would like to remain sterile, simply keep the two spermatic duct valves closed. When you would like reproduce again, just open each SLV and leave them open until insemination is successful. The valves should then be closed and you will become sterile again after a waiting period.

How certain is the prevention of pregnancy with the Bimek SLV?

The SLV, at full functionality, is as secure as having a vasectomy, which has a pearl index of 0,1. In comparison the Pearl Index for the pill lies between 0,2 – 3,0 and for condoms it lies between 2,0 – 12,0.

How long do I need to wait to be fertile after opening the Bimek SLV?

You would not need to wait and it would be safe assume that your first ejaculation after opening the SLVs will contain sperm cells.

When will I be sterile after closing the Bimek SLV?

As with a vasectomy, you will not be sterile immediately after the valves are closed. The reason for this is the biology of the male reproductive system, which will still contain sperm cells for a certain amount of time after the connection to the testicles is blocked. There will still be sperm cells present in the semen for up to three months or until about your 30th ejaculation. Getting a spermiogram after three months will offer more certainty.

Can I also use the SLV if I've already had a vasectomy?

Yes, this is possible. However for men that would like to have the option to be a father again with the SLV years after having a successful vasectomy, undergoing a vasovasostomy/operative restoration of fertility will not undo the damage, caused by congestion, to the structures in the epididymis. These damages result in lower fertility. The more recent your vasectomy is, the greater the chance you have of becoming a father after switching your contraceptive method to the SLV.

Will I definitely be fertile again after opening the Bimek SLV?

If no sperm cells are able to pass through the valve after the Bimek SLV has been opened, the duct can be easily cleaned with a simple surgical procedure without removing the valve from the spermatic duct to solve this problem.

Will the Bimek SLV negatively affect my erection?

That is unlikely to happen and the reality is actually quite the opposite. With the sense of security that you can fully ensure contraception, you’ll find the stress and fear of an unwanted pregnancy fly out the door. Which in turn may also increase your partner’s libido.

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