The revolution of contraception

No more stress about contraception! Introducing the patented Bimek Spermatic Duct Valve.

100% vegan

Simple & Reliable


Hormone Free

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The Revolution
of Contraception

Stressing about contraception is in the past. It's time for something new. Make the change and start enjoying your love life.

Getting your Bimek SLV

Medical Examination




The journey of the Bimek SLV


The invention of the spermatic duct valve


The Bimek SLV is patented


The first 10 Bimek SLV prototypes are created


Clemens Bimek has the SLV implanted in himself


Further development of the SLV


Clemens Bimek implants a newer version of the SLV


Investor PES Innovation AG accelerates further development


The Bimek SLV makes it's debut to the public


Start of the clinical trials


The Bimek SLV is made available on the market

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We make contraception a man’s business

with the Bimek SLV, the spermatic duct valve from Clemens Bimek

One valve is mounted on each spermatic duct and disrupts the flow of sperm cells when closed. The user is then sterile, can wear the Bimek SLV for a life time and regulate it himself with just a flip of a switch. Taking any hormones or medication is unnecessary, for both men and women.

Before you can benefit from the fully-developed, internationally-patented spermatic duct valve, we need to show the Bimek SLV’s capabilities in a medical approval procedure. To do this we run technical tests with volunteer subjects. Since its invention and in moving forward we engage in absolutely no animal testing, making the Bimek SLV 100% vegan.

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The world of science is interested

The Bimek SLV’s innovative contraception-concept has sparked interest in the scientific community. This brought in urology specialists as scientific partners for the approval procedure.

The experienced urologist and andrologist Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. H. W. Bauer and his team would guarantee optimal medical care during the clinical trials in the next few months.

7 x 11 x 18 millimetRES
2 gramS

… AS small AS a gummY bear

Questions and Answers

What exactly is the Bimek SLV?

The Bimek SLV is a valve that is fitted to the spermatic duct and regulates the flow of sperm cells. When the valve is closed the wearer is sterile.
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How long do sperm cells live?

Not enough is known about the life span of sperm cells within the male sex organs to answer this question. Although they can survive for a few days in the uterus.
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When will I be able to go back to work after the surgery?

The Bimek SLV is implanted during an outpatient surgery. By the next day you should be well enough to return to work.
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When will the Bimek SLV be available on the market?

As with all medical devices, the Bimek SLV first has to undergo extensive clinical trials. Only then can it be made available to the public.
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Is it safe to get an X-ray, CT or MRT with an implanted Bimek SLV?

The SLV is made of a tried and tested medical implant material called PEEK Optima that will not cause any interference during these scans.
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Will my insurance accept the costs for the Bimek SLV and the surgery?

All costs are charged to the user. Medical insurance will not cover the costs of the Bimek SLV or the surgery.
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Clemens Bimek
Inventor of the Bimek SLV

Born in Berlin, 1967. Today Clemens Bimek lives with his partner Switzerland. Since the late 90s, this devoted vegetarian has been fighting to make his invention a reality. The Bimek SLV; his life’s work.
His story.


Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. med.
habil. H. W. Bauer

Mentor and Consultant

The greatly experienced urology and andrology specialist is also the author of numerous medical publications.


Dr. Peter Schnückel
Lead Investor

As an adept entrepreneur he supports innovators and inventors through his firm, PES Innovation AG.
A fellow campaigner, responsible for the SLV’s commercial development and the main contact person for interested investors.
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Blog: The story of the spermatic duct valve

Clemens Bimek has been working on the spermatic duct valve for years. He is now ready to present his technologically sophisticated invention to the highly competitive contraceptives market. But who is the man behind the invention? Who is Clemens Bimek?