Contraception you don’t need to worry about.

“Taking hormones all year round? I don’t want to put my body through that.”

“We want children, but only once we’ve both reached our career goals.”

“I want to have another child, but I first want to focus on my career.”

“Finally! Now I can make sure she never has to worry about contraception again.”




Contraception could be so simple.


Male contraception quite often means getting a vasectomy. It's a difficult decision to make. What if you're not quite finished planning your family? With us, there's no need to ask this question. The Bimek SLV allows you to be sterile when you want to. The switch that toggles your fertility is controlled by you. You decide.

Hormone free

Taking hormones year after year? This burdens your body and often results in side-effects. So many women would rather not go through this. They don't want to disrupt or imbalance the nature of their bodies and they don't have to. Thanks to the Bimek SLV the female body can maintain its natural order and rhythm. Hormonal treatments belong in the past.


Can contraception really be that simple? Yes! It can. With just a push of a button, everything is taken care of. You're sterile and pregnancy is impossible. Another push of that same button and you're fertility is restored. From the first ejaculation you'll already be releasing sperm cells and can make a planned pregnancy a reality. Then simply close the SLV and by the time your child is born you'll be sterile again. It doesn't get simpler than this.


Half way through and searching for condoms? Need to insert your diaphragm? Forget to take the pill? Is your fertility window really over? What if you could simply forget about contraception? We want you to be able to concentrate on what's important, spending time together without having to worry about contraception. To simply let go and enjoy.




7 x 11 x 18 millimetRes
2 gramS

… as small as a gummy bear

7 x 11 x 18 millimeter
2 gram
… as small as a gummy bear

Implant materials

The Bimek SLV is almost exclusively made of the implant material PEEK Optima, which has excellent technological and biological compatibility properties. It is radiolucent, biocompatible and durable.

No wear and tear

PEEK Optima has been used in implant surgeries for years and has proved itself with its excellent properties and exceptional durability. The Bimek SLV is not made of abrasive materials, such as silicone.


Thanks to the implant materials used, the Bimek SLV is completely safe for people with allergies. The valve is not made of any nickle-containing materials. It will not secrete any allergy aggravating substances. There are absolutely no deteriorating or adverse effects on sperm cells or genetic material.

100 % vegan

No animals were experimented on throughout the development of the Bimek SLV. In fact the inventor implanted the valve into his own body for the trial run. The Bimek SLV is also tested exclusively on volunteers. The Bimek SLV is made 100% vegan.

“The perfect development, elaborate detail and tailored functionality of the spermatic duct valve, by Clemens Bimek, represents an impressive step forward for contraception and should be regarded as a medical breakthrough.”


Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. H. W. Bauer
Medical specialist of urology




Your check up

As with all surgical procedures, a detailed medical examination is required before you can have the Bimek SLV implanted. After an EKG, you will have an extensive consultation with one of our specially trained urologists, in order to rule out possible abnormalities or other contraindications. Then, once any and all questions you may have are answered, we can proceed with the surgery.

The outpatient surgery

The Bimek SLV surgery takes 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. Each spermatic duct is transected, then the newly cut ends are connected to the valve casing using specially developed instruments. The spermatic ducts are then put back into the scrotum and the inner and outer dermal layers are sealed – then you can head home.

Your follow up exam

The Bimek SLV is implanted in its open state. After the valve is closed there will still be sperm cells present in your ejactulatory fluids for up to 3 months or about another 30 ejactulations. To be completely sure of sterility it is essential that you undergo a sperm analysis, or spermiogram, with a urologist. This is the only way to be 100 % sure.

Your personal upgrade

Three to six months after the Bimek SLV is closed – there’s no longer a need to worry about contraception. What happens then? What happens when hormonal treatments no longer influence the libido? When there’s no need to stop halfway to look for a condom? It’s simple. The answer is – fun, a lot of fun.



The Bimek SLV is implanted during an outpatient surgery, in which each spermatic duct is fitted with a valve. The surgery lasts 30 minutes and is similar to a vasectomy. The recovery period is only one day. Find further questions and answers about the Bimek spermatic duct valve implant surgery here.


Science has yet to achieve a breakthrough in male contraception despite decades of research. Once the Bimek SLV is approved it will be a step forward in the form of a unique contraceptive for men. Find out more about the research and approval procedures for the Bimek SLV here.


The functionality of the testicles are of utmost improtance to reproduction. They produce several million sperm cells on a daily basis. They are also responsible for the production of testosterone. Read more about the inner workings of the male anatomy and the properties of the Bimek SLV here.


When developing a long term contraceptive, the question of costs would have to come up at some point. Regular costs for monthly contraceptives can also be a burden. Read more about the current state of health insurance with regard to the Bimek SLV.


The Bimek SLV is almost exclusively made of the implant material PEEK Optima. The manufacturer does not conduct any experiments on animals during production. Learn more about the spermatic duct valve from concept to finished product here.


You won’t feel it, you may even forget you’re wearing it. Simply enjoy your life. Playing sport, or having sex – you won’t even think about it. Only when you need to, you can find the tiny valve in your scrotum and press the switch. Read more about the everyday functionality of the valve here.