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The Revolution of Contraception

For decades medical science has been searching for a contraceptive method for men, but this research has not progressed beyond the condom and vasectomy. There are no reliable, as well as reversible, male contraceptive methods available.

Every year over 55 000 men across Germany, and about 60 million worldwide, undergo a vasectomy. As much as 10% of these men then opt for a reversal later on.

German inventor, Clemens Bimek, has successfully provided a revolutionary development with the Bimek spermatic duct valve (Bimek SLV), which is now fully developed and already patented internationally.

Reliable, easy to use, unique and sustainable, with regard to its materials and production – the Bimek SLV fulfils all the criteria of a modern contraceptive. The valve is attached to the spermatic duct and, when closed, prevents the release of sperm cells during ejaculation. The user is then sterile. He can, however, also change this whenever desired; the tiny valve can be opened and closed by the wearer.

With the aid of a small team of specialists and in coordination with a renowned clinic, the medical approval procedure has been initiated. At its current progress, the Bimek SLV will receive market approval by 2020 for the European market.

Established cooperation partners for medical devices will take over the distribution with a licence. Step by step, the product will be ready to launch on the international market. By 2022 investors will be able to receive a pay out of 3 to 5 times their original investment. The minimum investment is only 75 000€.

Become part of a new era in medical science and invest in the future of the contraceptives market.

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Unique: The finality of a vasectomy (male sterilisation) is no longer an issue, as the valve’s function can be switched on and off at will.

Simple: The valve is implanted during an outpatient surgery that lasts about 30 minutes. Opening and closing the Bimek SLV requires a simple flip of a switch that can be done from outside the skin of the scrotum.

Patented: The Bimek spermatic duct valve is registered internationally for patent approval and the medical approval process in Germany has already been initiated.

Scalable: The valve’s target group is the millions of men around the world, who’d prefer the Bimek SLV over a vasectomy.

Basic info

Financing round:
Series A (1 of 3 rounds)

Current required capital:
600 000 EUR for 20 % shares

Minimum investment:
75 000 EUR for 2,5 % shares

Project status:
Start of med. approval process

Sales launch:
Summer 2020

Consortium Pro Bimek

To give small and medium investors the opportunity to participate in the first round of financing in the development and the future economic success of Bimek SLV, the Consortium Pro Bimek was founded. Starting with 5.000 € he occurs as a consortium member in the consortium and acquires company shares of the Bimek SLV. Easy, uncomplicated, worthwhile.
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