Oct 2016

Statement by Clemens Bimek about the current status quo of the project

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Dear Bimek SLV Supporters,   it is with great pleasure that we’ve received interest in and willingness to participate in our project. Initially we had envisioned the revolution of contraception as a simpler endeavour and for this reason we had laid out a rather enthusiastic timeline. From our current perspective, this was very optimistic. The hurdles we need to overcome have not only grown in height, but also increased in number.   In the meantime, and using all of our available tools, we have attempted to obtain the approval for […]


May 2016

The Bimek SLV – The Modern Contraceptive for any Man. Right?

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During the development of his spermatic duct valve Clemens Bimek actually had only one, although one very large, target group in mind: men. All men. Is this possible though? Can every man wear the Bimek SLV? There aren’t many things in the world, for which there are no exclusion criteria. It would be very idealistic to hope that for the Bimek SLV it would be otherwise. With almost 7.5 billion people worldwide and a male portion of about 50 percent there will quite certainly be candidates who, at the end […]


Apr 2016

The Bimek Spermatic Duct Valve: A preliminary clinical study

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The development of the Bimek spermatic duct valve has taken a crucial step forward; the ethics commission of a German university clinic has agreed to conduct a preliminary clinical study. In the preliminary study a small group of volunteers will be selected to have the spermatic duct valves implanted. The valves will be inserted in an opened state. Volunteers will then be monitored for a period of about 6 months to see if sperm cells flow through the valves as intended. To keep track of this, the number and activity […]


Feb 2016

9 myths about the Bimek SLV

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Most media report diligent about our revolutionary contraceptive. We are delighted – but also note that in the last couple of weeks some myths have formed and are now persistently popping up now and then.


Dec 2015

The standard Standards?

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The Bimek SLV had to overcome an array of hurdles throughout its development. Many of these were actually put in place by me and it resulted in a flawless product. It was, however, no easy feat.